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Stress-free Bookkeeping achieved in 6 steps

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Based on our deep experience working with businesses from many industries, here are the 6 steps we will help you manage your books so collectively we make bookkeeping as stress-free as possible, without costing too much time, money and energy.

Step 1: Taking your bookkeeping online

We have vast knowledge and experience around accounting software. We can help you choose the most suitable accounting software for your business and take your books online. If you are already using cloud accounting, we can reassess and decide whether it is better to switch to another software. Bookkeeping Rescue Works for the past months may need to be carried out if your books haven't been kept up-to-date.

Step 2: Linking and setting up softwares and applications

Apart from the accounting softwares, we will also make full use of technological

developments such as ReceiptBank, Direct Bank Feeds, Tsheets, Shopify and Vend, etc.

The seamless integrations between these systems will further streamline your business

processes and save more time and money.

Step 3: Dividing tasks between you and Silvertree

We work together and decide how much bookkeeping work can be done by you and what

can be done by us. Most of our clients choose to keep day-to-day data entry in-house, and

we act as an objective, experien guyced reviewer of the information on a monthly basis.

Step 4: Setting up processes and automation

One way to take the stress out of bookkeeping is to define processes and simplify repetitive

data entries, which helps keep exceptions to a minimum. We advise clients on the recurring

transactions to automate, so they can save most of their attention and energy for specific

bookkeeping questions and exceptions.

Step 5: Establishing your daily accounting habits

Just like brushing teeth daily to maintain your dental health, bookkeeping needs to be done

consistently and habitually to be effective. This could be the most challenging step and

requires persistence from you as a small business owner if you choose to do it by yourself.

But don’t worry, that’s the benefit of having us alongside you. We are your accountability

partner in this journey.

Step 6: Helping you gain knowledge around finances.

Having more knowledge around finances creates a better mindset towards bookkeeping.

You can find plenty of free resources online to gain such knowledge, or you can invest in a

coach who specialises in business finances. Silvertree offers coaching and education using

our super simple cash-management system. It gives you a holistic picture of your business

and makes finances easy to understand.

Want a Bookkeeping Power Partner?

Are you interested in finding a bookkeeping partner who can help identify the level of support

you need? Book a free consultation with us.

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