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Business + Profit Advisory

We help you simplify your cashflow and take home more profit.

We can help measure your performance and make improvements through our jargon-free advice. With our Super Simple Cash Management and Business Consulting, we provide you a profit-focused framework to help you steer your business in the right direction, make the right decisions and maximise your profit. We use Profit First methodology to help you budget, manage your cashflow, set and monitor key performance indicators so you can build a financially healthy and profitable business. 

Profit First

Cash Management Consulting

Silvertree’s Super Simple Cash Management consulting services help you implement a practical and powerful profit-focused framework into your business.


Initial Consultative Call + Free Mini Assessment

We’ll begin by explaining how our cash management system works and provide a quick assessment of your current financial situation based on estimates of your gross income, typical expenses, and a recent tax bill etc.


By the end of this call, we can quickly identify the weakness and opportunity areas in your business and find out whether we’re a good fit. 


If you’re ready to learn more, we’re on to Step 2!

Super Simple Cash Management System

Using the Profit First methodology, we’ll further assess your business using the actual numbers of your business and implement our cash flow system to manage your daily cash flow. 

  • Extensive review of your accounting software's data

  • Detailed report of findings (e.g. errors to fix, action steps for improving key processes, etc.)

  • Calculate your current spending percentages for key areas (taxes, payroll, profit, etc.)

  • Compare to target percentages based on your company size 

  • Review Chart of Accounts (COA) to ensure category names fit your business

  • Setting up and maintaining the system (through budgeting and separate bank accounts)


On-going Support and Management

With our cash management system in place, you will start to feel more confident about the finances of your business and begin to see a much clearer path to profitability.

We will make sure you remain accountable to your profit goals and help you adjust the profit and other financial goals going forward. 


Profit Plan

Business Advice + Consulting

We will look at the feasibility of making a profit in your business and provide functional business analysis to identify how we can drive your business further. With many years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help take your business to the next level and get the most out of your business.

Make a Profit Plan for your business!

Not sure if your business actually make a profit? Talk to us and make a Profit Plan. What we call Profit Plan shares some similarities to a Budget but is much less complicated. Using it as guidance, you know whether making a profit in your business is feasible.


In the Profit Plan, we will translate your business goals into figures - sales, cost, and profit. It will show whether your business is or will be making money, i.e. whether you can actually earn money.


The most important goals of a Profit Plan is to help you understand the consequences of the choices you make, and doing the right things for your business.

Profit advisor

Maximising Your Profit

With the rapid development of Cloud Accounting Software, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies in our industry, we are able to help you work more efficiently and gain insights into your business data faster. Being more efficient at what we do has in turn enabled us to go beyond compliance work and deliver more value to you. We are a new style accountant, a proud profit advisor with a mission to help you maximise your profit and take home more of what you earn.

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