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Hi, we're Silvertree

Data-driven & Profit-focused Accountancy





Silvertree is a modern accounting firm specialising in digital services and profit-focused business advisory to streamline your bookkeeping and maximise your profits.

Our mission is to help small business owners work more efficiently and become truly profitable so they worry less and take home more of what they earn.

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What we do

WE manage yOUR BOOKs
We show you improved ways to manage your everyday transactions. With the option of DIY with oversight by our team or data entry by us, we can tailor a system that suits you. Our aim is to make you feel empowered by having your basics in order with as little time, money and effort as possible.
Our philosophy is that you as a business owner should be paid first and you should always be making a profit. With that as our aim, we will help you to build a financially healthy and profitable business no matter what stage of business life you are in.
WE tailor accounting software to your business
With the right accounting software and its successful implementation, you will experience an instant change in your business. We have extensive experience in Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and Reckon to be able to help you choose the right product confidently to suit your unique business.

Welcome to our site.

How's Business?

When new clients find us, we often hear them say:

  • I struggle to pay bills and always scrambling to find money to pay taxes

  • My sales grow, but I don’t see it reflected in my profit

  • My bookkeeping is months behind and overwhelming

  • I don't understand my books and don't know if the business is making money

  • I live pay to pay

  • I work longer and harder than ever but still can't afford to pay myself

  • I don’t feel proud as my business is not making a profit

  • I am always too busy working in the business

  • I argue about money a lot with my partner and it’s affecting my relationship

  • I wake up at nights and start worrying about my finances

Tell us about what's going on in your business. Whether you’ve been handling your own books and finances internally, or you’re seeking more attention-to-detail, more personal attention, or simply a partner who can speak a language you understand, you're in the right place.


Call now for a free consultation to see how we might be able to support you in starting up or growing your business further.

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